Cathy Hughye

Episode 32: Cathy Hughye, Enolytics

Cathy Hughye Cathy Hughye, author and co-founder of Enolytics is my guest on Crystal Palate’s Wine Country this week. I caught up with Cathy at the 2017 U.S. Bev X in Washington D.C.,

Cathy was a featured speaker at this year’s conference hosting a discussion entitled, What Big Data Can Do For You. On the show, Cathy discusses the power and benefits of big data and how the beverage industry can better connect with key demographics by embracing enolytics.

She also shares some of the biggest trends regarding wine consumer behavior and sentiment and the new found importance of crowd-sourcing versus traditional critic reviews. Cathy also shares some of the most searched for wine regions in the world and discusses how American East Coast wines are stacking up to their global counterparts.


In addition to her role at Enolytics, Cathy is a contributor for Forbes and the author of Hungry for Wine: Seeing the World through the Lens of a Wine Glass.  You can follow Cathy on Facebook and Twitter.