While Pinot Noir and lamb is a classic pairing, I like to be a little adventurous and go with a spicy, meaty Syrah. This works particularly well when you add bacon to your recipe. The various spice notes in a good bottle of Pinot work incredibly well with a long list of marinades and spice rubs. Remember, meat is often a blank canvas. It’s the sauces, seasonings and other accoutrements that play a starring role when determining what type of wine to pair with your meal. You also want to assess the fattiness of your meat when considering a good wine pairing. Lamb is a leaner cut of meat and tends to work best with a wine that has moderate tannins. A  big bold Cabernet Sauvignon can sometimes overpower the delicate nature of the grilled lamb chops. A Cotes du Rhone (Grenache, Syrah blend) is also another lovely choice with this dish.  For this pairing, I used the Grilled Rosemary Lamb Chop recipe from Epicurious.

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