Episode 28: Brad Hansen, Prince Michel Vineyard & Winery

Brad Hansen, Prince Michel

Brad Hansen, the winemaker and GM from Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery is joining me in studio this week. Pet Nat Prince Michel is located off Route 29 in Leon just south of Culpepper and they have been a mainstay on the Virginia wine scene since the early 80’s.

Brad is an esteemed winemaker compiling more than 400 award-winning wines  to his name over the past two decades. He’ll tell us all about the Prince Michel and Radian River collections. Prince Michel has plenty of offerings for just about every palate and price point. Plus, I am super excited because we are sampling one of Brad’s brand new releases – the Pét-Nat.

It’s an ancient technique that is making a big comeback. In fact Bon Appetit recently referred to Pét-Nat as Champagne’s cool kid sister.  Discover the charm of this unique bubbly with Brad Hansen on this episode of Crystal Palate’s Wine Country.

Visit Prince Michel:

154 Winery Lane
Leon, VA 22725

Tasting Room Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 10am-6pm  
Friday & Saturday 10am-7pm