Episode 5: Wine 101

Crystal PalateHave you ever wondered when the first wine was produced? On this episode, I get back to the basics by discussing the history and origins of the fruit of the vine. Plus, I have some great wine 101 tips on how to properly store your wine and how to achieve the ideal serving temperature that will guarantee a much better drinking experience for you and your guests.

You will also discover some great pairing ideas on this episode of Crystal Palate’s Wine Country.


Episode 4: Erin Scala, DWS, Fleurie Restaurant

Erin Scala, DWSErin Scala, wine director for Fleurie Restaurant and Petit Pois Bistro joins me in studio this week to discuss a very special accolade from Wine Spectator magazine. Her award-winning wine list is not only arranged by region, but Erin also highlights the types of soil on the menu. So cool! Plus, we’re talking about some of Erin’s must try old-world and Virginia wine pairings with some of Chef Brian’s incredible culinary delights.  Check out Erin’s wine musings on her blog and be sure to visit her at Fleurie or Petit Pois!

Photo Courtesy: Eze Amos